Consultant service in refrigerator production and product development and under environmental aspects (phasing out use of CFCs and HFC, reduction of Green Houses Gases):


1. Analysis of weak points in existing

- manufacturing process, equipment, tooling, quality, organisation,

- designs and specifications,

- material selection and, last not least,

- costs of materials and production.







Using Lean Techniques and Principles  

  • Workplace organization  

  • 5S (Sort, Set In Order, Shine           Standardize, Sustain)  

  • Standardized work  

  • Waste identification and elimination (Toyota’s seven deadly elements of waste: Overproduction, Waiting, Transportation, Processing waste, Inventory or Work In Process (WIP), Motion, Making defective products) 

  • Value-stream mapping  

  • Team-based, multi-skilled workforce

  • Kaizen events (one week; incremental improvement)  

  • Jidoka (Error proofing, autonomation)  ·  Just-in-time  

  • Cellular manufacturing  

  • One piece flow (takt time)  

  • Set-up time reduction (SMED-Single Minute  Exchange of Dies)  

  • Pull system (Kanban)  

  • Production smoothing (small batches of many models) 

  • Balanced work flow  

  • Inventory Reduction  

  • Visual Management  

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM; Reduction of Breakdowns, Setup and Changeover, Idling and Minor Stoppages,

  • Reduced Speed, Defects and Rework,

  • Start up Losses)

Refrigerator Production Flow Diagram

(click on underline to open Acrobat file)

Bell Position

Pre-Assembly Construction 


Bath Position



2. Recommendations for improvement in products, quality, production process, cost reduction and management:

- Product development,
- Rationalisation in production, improvements in production lines and manufacturing process click on underline for Acrobat file), material flow, optimal pre-assembly and assembly processes,
- lean production concept,
- production and quality control systems.


Wireless LAN Quality Control Systems:

 Just in time feedback on qualities and quantities produced by each work group to help to improve production and to motivate staff.


3. Specifications for new manufacturing lines, organisations of bidding, evaluations.

4. Consultant Service in phasing out use of CFC and HFC and Energy savings (Montreal and Kyoto Protocols).

5. Implementation of

- New manufacturing lines and new models to be produced,
- Lean manufacturing, short lines, high flexibility and fast feed back
- Process integrated quality control,
- Cost controlling,
- Information and knowledge management.



  6. Short innovation cycles, fast designing and prototyping.

Integrated product, marketing, production, cost and quality development.

7. Training and management auditing, development of human resources.


8. Refrigerator Project formulation in the framework of Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol

- technical specifications,
- financial funds,
- bidding documents and evaluation for example
Technical evaluation of foaming line bids or
- Project auditing and safety approvals (TÜV).

9. Outsourcing (designing, prototype development, information systems or else).

10. Feasibility studies, Finance resources.