transfair's Selection of
Technology in

Steel Lines, Painting Lines, Foaming Lines, Thermoforming Lines, Pre-assembly and Assembly Lines, Evacuation Lines, Charging Lines, Leak Detection Lines, Circuit brazing and Ultrasonic Welding Machines, Electrical Testers, Performance Test Lines, Refrigerator Test Laboratory

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Comparison and evaluation of a.m. production equipment, technical features, quality (reliability, durability, accuracy), cost comparison in purchase and running.

What is the advantage for the end-user to purchase machines and equipment from the company transfair and not from  the manufacturers, like Cannon, Galileo, Inficon, Leybold, etc. ?

The prices from transfair and the manufacturers are the same, the guarantee and maintenance service are anyhow granted for all machines sold from transfair by transfair and the machine manufacturers. Why should transfair be involved at all?

Here are some relevant reasons to involve transfair:

1. transfair supplies complete manufacturing lines with system competence to manufacture high quality products often as combination of machines and equipment from different suppliers and selected and specially designed and developped upon transfair's demand according to the application needs of refrigerator manufacturers.

2. transfair supplies system competence, product and production know how: not only the way how a machine can be operated and serviced, but how product quality can be improved and maintained, how the production process can be controlled and improved, how costs can be cut and how designs and specifications can be made to reach high quality with low costs.

Today product design and material specification, manufacturing process, quality, market demands and costs cannot be separately considered. An integrated approach is needed, if the refrigerator manufacturer will strengthen his market position. transfair with long experience and works for many refrigerator manufacturers can contribute to such an  integrated approach.

3. Last not least good machines and equipment, good trained operators and maintenance service does not guarantee a  successful manufacturing of refrigerators: the complete human organization around, the persons involved, their product and technology knowledge, their safe use of Hydrocarbons,  their communication, co-operation and control structures, the development of work culture,  are more relevant and have to be established parallel to the installation of new lines.

4. Environmental friendly projects often can get grants  in the framework of Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol. To execute such a project new equipment and machines of different manufacturers have to be integrated and project relevant technological and application aspects have to be added to qualify for such grants, like energy savings to reduce global warming, refrigerator and cooling circuit design modifications, which no machine manufacturer can supply. A general contractor with high system competence, like transfair, can execute such projects much better. transfair is specialized in the involved environmental friendly technologies, has successful executed such projects in the past, has improved machine designs of their main machine suppliers in close co-operation to improve this specific application process, the machine quality and to fulfill the environmental and safety requirement using environmental friendly, but flammable and explosive hydrocarbons.  

Last not least there is no disadvantage to involve transfair, but only advantages.

(c) Crios Cannon Cyclopentane Foaming Lines

remixing, Foaming Machines,
Cabinet Foaming Lines,
Door Foaming Lines,

Alarm System and Safety Devices.

German TÜV Safety Approval on Lines

Comi, Cannon or Geiss? What is best for you?

 Thermoforming Machines for Food and Door Liners. Single and Double Cavities, High Production Flexibility, Lower Cost of Thermoformed Liners and less Energy Consumption using Quartz or Halogen heaters, no fire risk.

Survey about thermoforming lines on the world market

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Galileo Frigus HC-600a and/or HFC-134a Refrigerant Charging Boards
with high reliability, accuracy and durability.
Self-diagnose. Control of all quality relevant parameters.

Survey about charging lines on the market.

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Refrigerant pumps, Storage and Switch-Over System.
Alarm System for HC-600a with Safety Devices according to highest safety standards.

With TÜV Approval


for Safety Auditing of

 HC-Equipment and its


Inficon Mass Spectrometric Leak Testers on Refrigerant and/or Helium for high quality standards measuring  leaks > 0,5- 1g/year. Application Notes for leak detection on R600a refrigerators (click here!). Inficon Ecotec E3000 for all refrigerants. Self-diagnose. Control of all quality relevant parameters. Oil-free pumps.
Galileo Astra III Helium Charging lines for Leak Detection, Drying, Capillary Tube Test , Stressing of Brazing Joints.

Self-diagnose. Control of all quality relevant parameters. Easy maintenance.

Survey about leak detection lines on the market.

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(c) Inficon Inficon Protec for Helium Leak Detection.

Measures leaks lower than 1g/year)
Self-diagnose. Control of all quality relevant parameters. Oil-free pumps. 

Galileo (Abascal-tec) Ex Ultrasonic Welding machine to close refrigerator filling tubes safely and cheap. Most reliable ultrasonic welding machine with very low failure rate.

Survey about the world market. (Click on underlined items to see Acrobat file)
Fast amorti
zation of expensive machine from the recycled copper tube ends of the filling tube, not contaminated by brazing materials.

Self-diagnose. Control of all quality relevant parameters.

Performance Test Lines

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in standard or short version and Long Tests in Climate Rooms to reach high quality standards. Electrical Safety testers. All acc. to International and National standards.