Our recommendations to surf to pages with refrigerator manufacturing technology:


            Steel cabinet and door lines manufacturers:

               Meccanica Baretta


             Foaming line manufacturers:

                Cannon Spa (Afros/Crios)

                Hennecke GmbH

                Krauss-Maffei GmbH

                Impianti OMS Spa 

                SAIP Srl

            Thermoforming machine manufacturers:

               Asano Laboratories Co. Ltd.   

               Brown Machine LLC

               Comi Srl.  

               GEISS AG  

               Illig Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG  

               Rigo Technology Srl


            Evacuation pump manufacturers:

              Galileo TP Process Equipment

              Leybold Vacuum Equipment

              Adixen Vacuum pumps

              Edwards Vacuum Pumps

              Tutthill Kinney Vacuum pumps


            Refrigerant charging lines, Helium leak detection

        lines and refrigerator test line  manufacturers:


               Galileo TP Process Equipment


            Leak detector manufacturers:

               Inficon leak detectors

               Adixen (Alcatel)

            Ultrasonic welding lines manufacturers: