as managing director of transfair I like to present myself and my company.

Since 1982 I am working in the household appliance industries and was responsible to build more than 20 factories for clients - mainly refrigerator factories. The supply was a package consisting of production lines, installation, training, start up, product designs and specifications, know how of product and production, organi
zation of work, quality control, purchase, development of man power, marketing, maintenance and new products. We accompany the  client company for a longer period.

Walter Dirk Adler

For more information see pages: Production Equipment and Refrigerator Designs.

Another field of my activity is consultant service in domestic appliance production to improve products and production and to cut costs with the aim to increase the shareholder's value.

In 1992-2010 we were strongly engaged to phase out the use of CFC, HCFC and HFC in foam and as refrigerant to replace it by environmentally friendly Cyclopentane foam and Isobutane as refrigerant. In this time UN-organisations, World Bank and single governments are using regularly my service to phase out the use of such substances in the framework of the Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol.

In close co-operation with German safety auditor TÜV-Süddeutschland, Bau und Betrieb, Abteilung Ulm, we have developed highest safety standards to use safely in the production environmental friendly, but flammable and explosive Cyclopentane as blowing agent and Isobutane as refrigerant. We have forced the machine producers in all our projects to follow these high safety standards. Furthermore we have developed concepts how these safety requirements can be maintained in the production over years.

Our application know how in the field of refrigerator production is high; therefore we are regularly demanded to consult manufacturers of refrigerators, production equipment, semi-finished parts and materials used in our branch to improve their products and their production.

For more information see page: Consultant Service

If you are interested in new production equipment, technology or know how in our field, please do not hesitate to contact us by E-Mail.

We are pleased to answer you.

Walter Dirk Adler

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