Technical Evaluation of Foaming Line Bids


Technical clause Criteria for bid Particulars

Bidder 1:

Afros Cannon

Bidder 2:


Bidder 4:


Bidder 5:


Bidder 6:



Manufactured by

Afros Cannon






Criteria (a) Technical specification



Completeness of scope of supply



Overall responsibility



Technical guarantee



Safety approval/Performance statement (sine qua non criteria)



Criteria (a) per each part of equipment


Cyclopentane storage, under-ground

acc. to safety standard TÜV and approval

  • 30/40 m3 double wall storage tank,
  • Leak control on tank,
  • Pipe work (feeding, charging, return)
  • Over-/under pressure relief valve,
  • Safety against fire and explosion (10bar, 3 flame resistors, N2 –blank.),
  • Control panel,
  • Feeding pump EX ed IIB T3,
  • By-pass, non-return valve
  • 3-level switch,
  • Super max,
  • Metering stick,
  • Saturator
  • Grounding accessories


Premixing Station

acc. to safety standard TÜV and approval

  • High precision dosing/accuracy,
  • reliability, durability, sensibility /maintenance demand,
  • PLC control on temperatures, pressures, flows of 2 components, consumption and failures,
  • Safety measures against fire and explosion,
  • Fire safe shut down valve,
  • C-pentane and liquid blends (Iso-Pentane) usable and already TÜV approved,
  • Collecting basins
  • Exhaust cabin

Option: 2 * 3000l tanks Pol./MDI Each with

  • over-pressure relief valve,
  • agitator or re-circulation
  • PT100,
  • 3 up to 4-level switch, supermax,
  • manual valve,
  • heat exchanger or tank jacket
  • low pressure pump only for MDI, pressure gauge, filter, electric control
  • 2 gear pump with by-pass for refill


Foaming machines acc. to safety standard TÜV and approval

  • High perform. shaft seal for drive shaft with double seals and leakage monitoring or magnetic couplers and safety valve on Polyol side,
  • Force lubrication on Iso-side,
  • Self cleaning filters,
  • rust free materials,
  • Certif. shut down valves,
  • Technical tide piping,
  • PLC control of cycles, component temp., press., tank levels, pouring times, shot No. consumption, failures of hydraulic, recycling, safety valve,
  • Real time pouring ratio detection,
  • Min. 250l work tank for Polyol, jacketed, 10 bar, N2 blanketing, leakage monitored double sealing shaft or magnetic coupler, 4 level switch, supermax, on/off valve, over-press. relief , gauge, heat exchange for tropical conditions, PT100, manual valve, heater EX d, EX version for 0/1 zone,
  • Min. 250l work tank for MDI, jacketed, agitator 4 level switch, supermax, on/off valve, over-press. relief , gauge, heat exchanger for tropical conditions, PT100, heater,
  • sufficient heat exch. For 48°C
  • Collector basins,
  • reliability,
  • durability,
  • sensibility /maintenance demand),

- additionals.

  1. mixheads with N2 inert. , quality:
  • foam quality out put with fine cell structure,
  • reliability,
  • durability,
  • sensibility /maintenance demand),
  • hydraulic unit with heat exchanger
  • N2 –blanketing system (intermediate tank 12bar with safety valve, drain valve, piping, hydraulic valve for N2 on each mixhead,
  • N2 –quantity per cabinet


Cabinet foaming line, full autom. 8 jigs

acc. to safety standard TÜV and approval

consisting of 5 full aut. jigs

  • in bath position,
  • opening downwards,
  • simultaneous moves of plug and side walls,
  • with 1mm accuracy,
  • water temp. conditioned,
  • automatic loading/de-loading,
  • fast plug exchange,
  • each PLC controlled,
  • durability, maintenance demand,
  • IP 54 min.,
  • Around emission zone acc. to EX zone 1,
  • Blower heaters underneath T3,
  • PLC plant control for 8 jigs controlling all movements from 4 pre-ass. till 4 final ass. lines,
  • Cabinet conveyor system from 4 pre-ass. till 4 final ass. lines,
  • Cycle time of 45 sec.,
  • Mixing head carriage, full autom. with piping and high precision positioning,
  • water temp. conditioner
  • preheating ovens


Door Drum acc. to safety standard TÜV and approval consisting of

  • 6 presses 2500*800*200mm,
  • initially parallel opening,
  • pouring in open door,
  • water heated,
  • mixing head carriage with rail, piping, pipe support, flexible hoses to pour into the center of up to 3 doors,
  • manual loading/de-loading
  • cycle time per press load 50 sec.


Safety Equipment


Grounding of cabinets


Ventilation and exhaust box

  • Wet part,
  • Cabinet Line,
  • Door line

Alarm system consisting of controls of

  • 3 level alarm (acoustic/lamps)
  • Ventilation (fan fault, deficiencies)
  • Gas sensors (fault, 15, 30% LEL)
  • Calibration unit, portable sensor
  • Emergency push bottoms
  • Exhaust door openings
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Pilz relay for 1st level alarm
  • Super-max Pol.C-p-tank
  • Min. N2 in CP-tank
  • Min. N2 in Polyol/CP-tank
  • Material losses,
  • Deficiency in N2-blanketing
  • Power supply (off, emergency power)


  • IR gas sensors,
  • Pressostats,
  • Door micro-switches
  • Pressure sensors for N2 and CP/Polyol materials
  • Portable sensor,
  • Calibration unit,
  • Remote alarm board with 3 level al.

Anti-static flooring


Fire extinguishing system


Back up generators

- autom. switch over


Nitrogen generator

- 35Nm² at 10 bar, 93% purity

-control switch of O2 content

500 l tank



Installation, commissioning, training and safety auditing


TUV control of foam plant


Technical assistance




Installation / commissioning


Material for start up and Spare parts



Criteria (b) Local spare parts and after-sales-service



Ranking under technical aspects: